Mhairi Treharne

Painting Mixed media Oil Painting pyrography wire art

I am a Canadian artist based in Cheltenham.

My work is small in scale, often the size of a postcard. The pieces are sturdy, processed using different machines with passes of many materials. All are prepared to hang directly on the wall via a wire frame unique to each piece.

Every painting as two complete sides, front and back, allowing the freedom to explore and view them as you wish. The two faces contain two parts of the same subject. Often the back of the work is a secret only known by myself and the owner of the work.

I am inspired by images and places that feel precious and nostalgic. I am interested in fine line between craft-work and art-work, and sharing a passion for making meaningful objects with makers of all kinds.

I aim to create objects that are completely unique and precious.


13 Byron Road
GL51 7HE

Tel: 07472 148300

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