Claudia Araceli


I am a pleinair watercolour artist, producing the vast majority of my paintings insitu from direct observation during my painting travels with my easel.

I never know what I will paint next, the subject catches my attention and that is it. I am not however a delicate watercolourist and I do not paint flowers and animals. My work has an edge, is loose or what one might call impressionistic. I am looking to find and create drama and atmosphere in a painting.

Watercolour is the most challenging of all mediums but this is exactly what attracts me to it. I feel watercolour is at its best when you allow it some freedom to do what it wants to do naturally, by contrast it’s at it’s very worst when forced to behave. I have found it is a matter of learning and understanding how to walk a fine line between both.

I started in the 1980’s and it crashed when I was forced to stop due to chronic illness. Illness has bad timing as I was doing well and had been accepted and exhibited at the Royal Academy.

I feel honoured to have won 31 awards for my painting over the last few years. I was also one of 100 artists worldwide to be selected to appear in ‘Contemporary Artists of Excellence 2016’ coffee table book.

I was one of 2 artists selected to represent the United Kingdom in the worldwide International IWS Watercolour Societies 2017 biennial convention and exhibition, hosted in India.

I was one of a few British artists selected by IWS England to represent the UK by exhibiting my painting at Fabriano Convention and Exhibition in Italy May 2018, and I am doubly honoured to have been selected to represent the United Kingdom again in 2019.

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13 Jun 2019

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