Philippa Fox


Philippa Fox (née Davison) studied for her BA Hons in Fine Art at Falmouth School of Art between 1991 and 1994; from 1997 to 2000 she took a Postgraduate Diploma in Painting at the Royal Academy Schools, London. Born in Cheshire, she currently lives and works near Cirencester.

Working from observation, Philippa is concerned with still life, landscape and portraits. Predominantly she works in oils straight onto gesso board. She sees still life as her own form of landscape where she can have more selection on the palette and with composition. Philippa enjoys the evolution of a painting, both in material and perceptual terms and concentrates on light, colour, transparency and translucency. She’ll work on certain areas, building up a glaze or an area of thicker paint, relishing the contrast between the different layers.

Philippa’s work has a traditional quality, yet it displays a vibrancy that keenly intensifies the subject.


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