Claudia Araceli

When I paint it's about the energy, light, atmosphere of what I'm painting. The subject matter is of lesser importance.

Watercolour is the perfect medium with which to express feelings. The paints natural tendency to flow is exciting and frustrating in equal measure. I love it, for if you let it the paint naturally makes marks an artist never could achieve. Which is often my favourite part.

I used to exhibit my work extensively around The Cotswolds, London, France. At my peak I exhibited at The Royal Academy in the 1990's. I'm dipping my toe into painting after more than 20 years break due to ill health.

I've won 20 awards in the last 2 years including silver at Europe's largest Plein Air event. I'm published in Contemporary Art of Excellence vol 11, and I run #artisthour the online community for artists

Member of The Gloucestershire Society of Artists.

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20 x 13 inches
Storm on the horizon
20 x 13 inches
in-titled but award winning painting
20 x 13 inches