Nicki Gwynn-Jones

I have always preferred the less literal view; I find that a looser, more impressionistic approach can bring freedom from the constraints that many photographers feel bound to. There are many ways in which to see the world.

For my bird photography I almost always prefer high key light, and often I favour a slow shutter speed in order to accentuate the movement of the subject. I deliberately do not want to show detail, but rather, I am evoking an emotional response to both the subject matter and to the location.

I am currently working on a series of images depicting trees using ICM (intentional camera movement) and in-camera multiple exposure. My ‘Cotswold Winter’ series was taken during the recent snow fall; as we look through the trees towards the view beyond, detail is lost and what remains is monochromatic and spectral, thinning to nothing. As the landscape is quietened, so is the mind.

In May 2012 I was awarded a Fellowship by the Royal Photographic Society.

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Sanderling, Gulf of Mexico
Balancing on Air No 2
Cotswold Winter No 3