Susan Wilkinson

My pieces are designed to be tactile; they are meant to be fiddled with. I don’t often look in a mirror and see what I am wearing around my neck, but I do know how my necklace feels when I rub my thumbnail over the surface. Most of my design ideas come to me when I am in the garden, surrounded by plants, by rocks (collected by my husband, a geologist), and shells.

Rather than try to replicate anything I have around me it is the combination of random patterns and organic textures that I appreciate and try to realise in my work. I use various techniques to achieve this; milling, reticulation, even hammering the silver against stone, and the effects are different each time. Surfaces are left matte, and I prefer to use semiprecious stones that are left unpolished, in order to better show their structure.


3 Church Street
Charlton Kings
GL53 8AP

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Susan Wilkinson
Susan Wilkinson
Susan Wilkinson