Leanne Courtney-Crowe

Painting Mixed media watercolour and pen oils acrylics

Nature and all that is natural has always been the basis for Leanne's work. We walk past inspiration every day and are blinkered to some of the most amazing things. Some are so small that it is impossible to see with the naked eye, so using macro or micro images also helps consider the complexities of surfaces using the idea of smooth and shiny, rough and dry or a combination of both.
The beach and its contents has been a constant part of her love affair with nature, and she cannot help but beach comb wherever she is. Being greatly inspired by the natural elements, has also encouraged her to look further afield to the universe with the use of satellite pictures.
The heart of a painting depends so much on the feeling she gets whilst working on it. It's only then, that it takes on a life of its own and moves away from that first flash of inspiration.

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13 Jun 2019

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