Molly Abbott


I make sculptural, decorative and functional pieces for the domestic environment. The pieces are bold, colourful and tactile.
My first love is hand building, as it offers so many opportunities to explore different forms and surfaces.  Recently I have started to mix in some thrown forms which are altered and joined.  Landscapes, seascapes and the elements have always been my starting points, although now I am beginning to reference architecture too, as my work moves towards a more sculptural feel. The ideas come together with my other loves – colour, texture and pattern.  The works can be classed as 'vessels', as each has a base, however, because of the sculptural and decorative qualities they can be viewed as stand alone pieces.  I use white/cream earthenware clays and create textured surfaces, which are enhanced with swathes of colour.  Blues, greens and turquoises are favourites, with the occasional contrast of a yellow or lime green. A silken transparent glaze or a translucent matt glaze brings each surface to life in the kiln. 

I am a long term member of Cheltenham Open Studios  (currently the Chair).
I am a member of West Midlands Potters Association and also South Wales Potters Association.


Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Tel: 07794094950

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